HWPL and IPYG ( International Peace Youth Group)
  HWPL South Korea: Samsara is recognised as the Peace Academy, Publicity Ambassador and the member of Delhi Advocate Committee for HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, & Restoration of Light) South Korea is working globally towards restoration of peace and cessation of wars through their wings IPYG (International peace youth group) & IWPG (international women peace group).  
  Session 2017-18  
  HWPL:- Peace Seminar  
  Session 2016-17  
  HWPL Youth and Women Conference  
  HWPL - Peace Education (One More Step)  
  HWPL Advocacy Committee Meet  
  1.HWPL Youth and Women Conference  
  Nov :  
  1.HWPL - Peace Education (One More Step)  
  May :  
  1. Interactive Session with Mr. Amit Kumar Singh- The Supreme Court Lawyer  
  1. HWPL Advocacy Committee Meet  
  1. Women's Day Celebration in Samsara  
  1. The Peace Education Seminar
2. International Women Peace Group (IPYG) Meeting


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