Recognition, Appreciation and Facilitation
Samsara The World Academy feels proud to share with you all that Sharda University, Greater Noida, invited one of our learned and eminent teacher Ms Pramila Panda, PGT, Physics to their university campus on 24 April, 2019 and facilitated her with the most coveted award 'The Transformational Teacher Award 2019' appreciating and recognising her endless effort, tireless skill transformation and providing round the clock motivation to her valuable students.

She was overwhelmed to know that she was nominated by one of the ex- Samsarians who is now the student of Sharda University and still feels high regard and gratitude towards her for her way of teaching brought out the desired transformation in her student's life.
Mr. Prashant Gupta, the Executive Director of Sharda University, Greater Noida spoke about the role of teacher in shaping up and transforming the life of student so they become an asset to the society and the country.
The Vice Chancellor of Sharda University Prof. G.R. C Reddy addressed the meeting and shared his thought about the role of teacher in making a child.
Our Principal Captain Praveen Roy is the strong force behind the team Samsara which motivates each one of the members to work towards the progress of every student by enhancing their skills and bring about the unique and extraordinary result like this.



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