Yoga Session
Healthy body and healthy mind is the key to healthy living that leads to prosperity and success. 

To extend this facility to our young learners, The Principal Captain Praveen Roy from  Samsara The World Academy, invited Dr Vijaylaxmi, an internationally  renowned yoga instructor, meditation practitioner, past life regression therapist, a healer and counsellor to school on 25th April, 2019.

She interacted with the children and enlightened them about the importance of meditation for calm and peaceful living. She conducted an hour long meditation and  dhyan session for our students and teachers of classes VI to VIII and guided them all with the correct postures of sitting in Padmasana and Vajrasana.

She taught them the proper way of chanting  the mantra AUM. First the 'A (uhhhh) sound to be produced with mouth wide open and then 'U' (ouuuu) sound to be produced with mouth semi closed in 'O' shape and then the 'M'(hmmmm) sound to be produced through the lips fully closed. 
Students practised the chanting many times to get the correct rhythm and way. It was very  welcomed session where students also asked questions to Dr. Vijaylaxmi to which she politely and enthusiastically responded. 
She was equally delighted to meet our young and vibrant students.  



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