Special Assembly on ‘ParyatanParv’

To celebrate the spirit of tourism and to motivate people to participate in activities showcasing the tourism potential of Incredible India, Government of India launched 'ParyatanParv'.
To support this noble thought, a Special Assembly was organised by students of class X-A on Tuesday, 17 Oct’17 .The assembly commenced with students apprising everyone about Environmentally Sustainable Tourism. The students gave essential information about the role of tourism in the Mutual understanding and Social harmony.
Students were given few guidelines to follow before we visit a place such as to Educate ourselves about the place,learn local language;know their customs, Support locally owned business by buying the local products,asking permission for Photographs, Keep our environment clean and last Smile, keep calm and carry on.
The students enhanced their knowledge and learnt to be a responsible tourist where ever they go and should have an experience of Indian culture and its heritage.


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