'IH Activity - Group Discussion for class IXth'

Our students of Samsara The World Academy, had Group Discussion in Inter House Activity, conducted on Friday, 3 May, 2019. The topic was ' Are  We Better than Our Forefathers' in terms of 'lifestyle, achievements, happiness and values '.

The students came up with very interesting and informative comparisons between the two time periods.

They established that they are better equipped in life in comparison to their  forefathers in terms of  lifestyle as they have better houses unlike kaccha houses in the past, better roads and transport system like bus, train, metro, aeroplanes etc , availability of electricity, better technology in terms of computer, mobile, internet, whatsapp, facebook facility which makes communication faster  and information easily accessible to all in one go. These technological advancements have eased our lives and enhanced our comforts. They also believe that today's generation is more smartly dressed up and take more care of their health and physique than previous generation. People are more concerned with health and wellness today as medical facilities are easily available to all. They praised medical achievements like organ transplant  which helps enhance life expectancy of the individual.

They feel society is more considerate towards girl and there is less gender bias today. Comparatively the girls are given better education and have better opportunities to select their careers and livelihoods. Social evils like child marriage and gender discrimination have diminished.

They think  Education is now available to all unlike earlier where it was limited to only few segments of society. They appreciated online education and online training  which is available  today empowers the youth and offers them more Confidence and employability.
So, they truly accept that they are better than their forefathers in lifestyle and achievements.

But, also accepted that they are less successful than their forefathers when it comes to happiness and values because hunger for more and greed for materialistic comfort has made this generation lazy, self centric, socially less interactive and less productive leading to many lifestyle diseases. 
They said world is today placed on a boomerang, high in self opinion , equipped with nuclear weapons and destructive mind set.
The world has become less tolerant as today people care less for the environment, and are less sensitive towards mankind when it comes to deforestation, air pollution, global warming, and that is really degrading our values.

It was very impressive, interactive and intresting session where the young generation thinkers nicely presented their views which surely has a positive outlook.


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