'IH Activity -Maths Quiz for classes IV and V'

"It is clear that the chief end of mathematical study must be to make the students think" - John Wesley Young

Samsara The World Academy encourages students to develop reasoning and analytical approach in mathematics and  be more quick and apt in problem solving. With this aim the facilitators of Maths department, Ms Rajbeer Kaur and Ms Ramita Sharma organised an Inter House Activity - Maths Quiz for the students of classes IV and V on Friday, 3rd May, 2019.

The contest comprised of four rounds which included many interesting activities planned for the children based on mathematical concepts and formulae.

In 1st round, called the General round students were asked simple questions based on maths. 
In round 2, they were shown pictures and were asked to identify great Indian mathematicians.

Round 3 was Mental ability round and
Round 4   consisted of Rapid fire round.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the quiz and cheered for their respective houses. The winning team are as follows :

*Ist position : Tagore House
Khushi Tewatiya (IVA), 
Drishti jha(IVB), 
Vanshika Sagar (VA), 
Harshita bana(VB) 

*2nd position : Shakespeare House 
Kush Nagar(IVA),  
Tanvi Singh(IVB), 
Vaishnavi Pandey (VB), 
Bhoomi Dhakrey(VB)

*3rd Position: Beethoven House- 
Riya Mishra (IVA),
Shivansh Rawat(IV B),
Janvi Singh(VA), 
Disha  Bhati( V B)

The Principal Captain Praveen Roy congratulated the entire team of Maths department for their efforts and conducting an interesting quiz and applauded the winners were  for their aptness, correctness and accuracy with the concepts. 


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