' 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' -An interactive session with our Prime Minister '
"A happy mind is the secret of a good marksheet". The students of class X and XII were fortunate enough to watch the live programme of  Our Honourable Prime Minister Narender Modi on "Pariksha Pe Charcha' on 29th January 2019. This programme was broadcasted for the students , parents,and teachers as to discuss stress  free examination and  focusing on to help the students to cope up with the stress. Our honourable PM Narender Modi jee answered a no of Q's during discussion with students , teachers n parents. He guided students to take their board exam  just like any other exam and quoted  a line "Kuch khilono key tutney se bachapan nahee marta." It does not stop  our lives so the board exam is not the exam of life, we shouldn't be fear of it but no doubt exams are important for us to evaluate. Further one of  the parents asked that nowadays children are much inclined & engrossed in playing online games. So he  immaculately gave the solution that parents should encourage their kids to adopt technology but ensure they don't get controlled by them instead he believed that technology should lead to expansion of the mind and be seen as an innovative.  Another question asked by a student  as how to define  our goals so he explained that the goal should be inlined  with our strength and faith in our conviction that should  lead with  actions to achieve  our dreams. Further he laid emphasis that parents & teachers should not take children's depression lightly, to avoid this,we should never hesitate for councelling and  contact the specialist who could  talk with children properly. Answering one of the questions of a student about competition. He  suggested to do competition with your own record and always break your own records rather then competing  with others as this will never disappoint you and will not be in stress.Then at last he urged the parents to have time to talk with their children in the right way,spend time with them so that such situation of depression can be easily dealt with.He further urged the students to work on improving themselves. After  Watching live telecast of "Pariksha Pe Charcha" the students were thrilled , enlightened  and were highly motivated   seeing the students interacting with our PM and overcame the fear of exam.They were high in spirit & all set to appear for the board exam enthusiastically rather then thinking exam a burden instead celebrate it as a  festival as said by our PM.


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