'Special Assembly On Labour Day At Samsara'

Samsara promotes the value of mutual respect, gratitude and concern for all its family members whether they be at any position in the hierarchy and understands that an organisation survives and flourishes only with its hardworking, devoted and dedicated members at the grassroot level.

On Tuesday, 1 May, 2018, on the occasion of International Labour Day, a Special Assembly was organised where all the twenty two service providers participated in the morning assembly and joined in prayer and meditation session along with the students.

Each one of them were welcomed on the stage amidst huge round of applause with Hindi couplet specially created for them by Hindi teacher Ms. Seema Garg, highlighting their name and qualities. They were also given new school uniform as token of appreciation.

The Principal Captain Praveen Roy praised them for facilitating the smooth functioning of various services in school premises and regarded them as the 'building blocks' of Samsara family.

The students also showed their gratitude and warmly welcomed Didi and Bhaiya assigned to their classes and shared their lunch with them as a kind gesture for their valuable services .

It was an emotional power booster for all of them giving them eternal joy as they beamed with smile all day long.


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