'ISA Session -Critical Thinking and Problem Solving'

It's Time For Change | Re-Inventing Attitudes
The audience was not even aware they have imbibed subtle and valuable esoteric teachings!
Such was the impact of session held by Samsara Principal on Dec 1st, under an ISA activity by British Council, mind-mapping the Core Skills- Critical Thinking & Problem Solving; where what was analytically learned and conceptualized was shared through 3 sessions with the students, girthing around the INTOLERANCE today.
It was a reciprocative showdown on means, ways, sources, ideas & solutions to give the Intolerance wheel a spin of 180 degrees reaching Tolerance; through group discussion, footnoting their idols in life, doodling posters, marking questionnaires and a video clip on 'Re-Inventing Attitudes' from negative to positive, by Karan Johar (Indian Movie Director)
The Time Is Now! To Take Charge and Write the story of your life. Raise voice for anything negative around, Change Things If you don't like and Stop judging. All you really need is YOURSELF.
A man who shows emotions in eyes instead of anger & rage is a Hero; any woman who looks up in the sky to aspire and not look down crushing her dreams, is a Hero. Be The hero of your Life!


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