'A thumbs-up week to Girl Empowerment'

A thumbs-up week to Girl Power | Empowerment, Independence, and Self-surenessExpanding minds by bringing into picture international cultures, wrapped up in people & talks from around the world, that's Samsara School! From more than 100 schools in greater noida, Samsara was tapped and recognised for a thesis research on self-defense being practiced by girl students in India, by Nicole Tallberg (pursuing global studies from university of Gothenburg) and Casper Lie (graduate from IHM business school) of Sweden. Bringing their experiences of the world and of their home town Sweden at our doors, and penning new stories of the bold character and persona of wisdom the girls of Samsara wear everyday, was the eventful and awe-inspiring week starting from April 4th, with tonnes of interactive sessions on self-defense, group discussions, intercultural exchanges, selfies with beautiful proud smiles and splitting sides with laughter. We do believe in travelling and writing your own version of the world, but at Samsara we also endeavour to bring the uniqueness filled in each part of the world to our classrooms.


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