' Olympiad Winners '

Samsara-The World Academy is proud to announce that its students performed well in the Maths and Science Olympiad on Thursday 6th April 2017. Students were awarded medals and certificates for their remarkable performances. Following is the list of the proud winners:

National Science Olympiad

International  Mathematics Olympiad

Gold Medal: Divyansh Sirohi (class IV) and Aarush Agarwal (class V)

Medal of Excellence:

Rudra Pratap Singh(class IV)

Silver Medal:

Rudra Pratap Singh(class IV) and Kaustubh Singh (class IV)

Gold Medal:

Nandini Bhati (class IV)

Aarush Aggarwal (class V)

Uday Bhati (class VII)

Bronze Medal:

Anushka Yadav(class IV) and Shobha Rani (class V)


Rudra Pratap Singh also got the Medal of Excellence for performing exceptionally well in the science Olympiad.


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