IH Activity – (Debate)"Nuclear Energy does More Good than Harm”
Present era is the era of nuclear power. The countries across the globe are aiming to become Nuclear power. Even countries are ranked according to the nuclear power they possess.
To make the students aware of the role of nuclear energy, how it can fulfill the energy requirement of the world, an IH activity was conducted on Friday, 5th July, 2019 by our facilitator Ms. Pramila Panda. It was an Inter House debate competition on the topic “ Nuclear energy does more good than harm”.
Each house representatives presented their views in favour of replacing the nuclear energy in place of present energy resources, and their counterparts spoke against the motion sighting the side effects and hazards caused by the uses of Nuclear power by some countries. The participants highlighted different parameters comparing cost, regeneration and multiple use of the same.
Ms Chavi and Ms. Payal Singh were the judges for the competition. The winners of this competition are :
1st Prize : Aritstotle House
Pragya Sharma XI B
Mayank Singh IX A
2nd Prize : Tagore House
Participants :
Uday Bhati IX A
Priyanshu IXB
3rd Prize : Shakespeare House
Khushi Rawal IX A
Kalpana Kasana XI A
The Principal Capt. Praveen Roy appreciated the students for their enthusiastic participation in the debate competition. The judges were greatly impressed by the ideas presented during discussion.



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