Inter House Activity- "Quick Assemble Models"
Our education policy puts more emphasis on utilizing resources and encouraging practical learning by doing methods in teaching.
The facilitator, Ms Seema Singh, from Samsara The World Academy, organized an interclass activity "Quick Assemble Models" for the students of classes VI to VIII on 5th July, 2019.
The main motive behind this activity was to develop interest towards science and make the basic concepts of science easy for them. The activities were based on fundamentals of science, developing scientific temperament, clarity of concepts and applications of science.
The presentation included almost all the topics related to science. The students enthusiastically participated and explained their models in front of the visitors. The winning groups among all were :
Class 8
1st prize
Model –“ An Earthquake Alarm”
Participants :
Pranav Raghav
Satya Prakash
Kartik Srivastava
Nikhil Bansal
Daksh Bana

2nd Prize
Model- “ An Electromagnet”
Participants :
Tarun Sharma
Vishal Mavi
Mayank Nagar
Aditya Rawal

3rd Prize
Model - “ A Slide Projector”
Participants :
Nandini Gupta
Prashant Chaudhary
Aasif Khan
Class 7
1st Prize - Methods of identifying Acids and Bases.
Presented by :
Neel Palawat
Aayushi Chandra
Rohin Basoya
Shantunu Chauhan
Kaustubh Singh
Pawni Sirohi
Anushka Tewatiya

2nd Prize - A Model displaying Breathing Mechanism in Human
Presented by:
Yashvesh Singh
Navank Garg
Agrim Gupta
Siddharth Rawal
Prince Kasana

3rd Prize - A Model of Anaemometer
Presented by :
Vimarsh Rawal
Rohit Nagar
Shiva Mavi
Sangam Mavi

Class 6
1st Prize - A model – Simple Electrical Circuit
Presented by :
Aarzoo Garg
Shourya Singh
Chetna Kaur
Akshit Rawal
Soni Yadav

2nd Prize - A Model of Wind Mill
Presented by :
Manas Mani
Ashutosh Dwivedi
Soumya Wahi
Palak Kapasiya
Shashank Bhati
Kartik Chaturvedi

3rd Prize - Talk on Balanced diet
Presented by :
Anshul Rawal
Abhay Nagar
Vansh Bhati
Prakhar Tiwari
Punit Paliwal
Gaurav Dangwal


The Principal Capt. Praveen Roy witnessed the presentation of each and every group and asked questions related to their models. This encouraged all the participants and boosted their confidence.
She was delighted to see the beaming faces of excited students and loved the energy surrounding them. She also congratulated the mentor Ms Seema Singh for her untiring efforts that ensured hundred percent participation of the students from Middle wing.



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