' Teachers' Day 2017 Celebrations in Samsara '

The morning of Tuesday, 5th September 2017 was filled with joy and festivity when the students of Samsara The World Academy celebrated Teachers' Day with lots of enthusiasm and glee.

Teachers were dressed in the tradition al dresses of different states of our country. Some were dressed in Rajasthani attire, few were donning the costume of Kerala. Some flaunting their “Phulakri” costume and some others looked ravishing in traditional Maharshtrian  saree.

The programme was a culmination of various dances and songs performed by junior and senior students. Many interesting games filled the teachers with the zest to win. They also recited self composed poem based on their teachers.

The cherry on the cake was the mock K.B.C which filled everyone with laughter and joy. All the teachers thanked the students for the cultural extravaganza.


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