'Special Assembly on Discipline'

The students of Samsara-The World Academy presented an inspiring skit during the morning assembly on Thursday 6th April 2017. In the skit they effectively depicted the new policies which the school has introduced this year, to curb noise pollution and to conserve our resources. It was exciting to see the students enthusiastically following them and working towards lessening the noise pollution. They did not clap, instead showed their appreciation by shaking their hands in the air. Samsara's new policy of wishing in the classroom by joining hands and bowing down in front of the teacher was also dramatised in the skit. Students were also motivated to pursue the no-candy policy of Samsara, according to which students are going to distribute fruits or dry fruits on their birthdays instead of sweets, candies or any other junk food. Our this step towards a healthy environment and a healthy body is definitely going to produce a better human beings in a better society.


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