Educational Trip to Ishaan Institute of Ayurveda Medical Sciences and Research

Educational Trip to Ishaan Institute of Ayurveda Medical Sciences and Research Samsara The World Academy believes in incorporating innovative methods of teaching and encourages 'Teaching outside the Box'. One such methodology is organising an educational trip which provides students an abundantly useful and memorable experience, which cannot be replaced with any other lesson.
To strengthen its belief, it organised an educational trip to Ishaan Institute of Ayurveda Medical Sciences and Research, Greater Noida for its students of classes VI to IX between 5th August to 7th August, 2019. The students visited the institute in batches along with their respective class teachers. The first batch consisted of class VI A, VI B and VII A, the second batch had VII B and VIII A and the third batch had students from VIII B, IX A and IX B.
While theoretical learning may provide students an opportunity to apply their learning on hypothetical situations, an educational trip can help students implement their knowledge in real-life situations.
The resource persons Dr. Sakshi Bakshi and Dr. Naveed Khan explained about various diseases that spread in rainy season through PPT elaborating causes, symptoms, preventions and cure. They educated students about ayurvedic remedies to be followed in such cases.
During this wonderful and informative session all students participated actively.
The students also visited their in house Herbal garden accompanied by Dr Naveed Khan and Dr. Afsha Parveen. Our students learnt about various herbal plants and their medicinal properties. They enthusiastically noted down the names of medicinal plants.
The team of doctors comprising of Dr. Deepmala, Dr Naveed, Dr Sakshi and Dr. Satyadev Arya did medical checkup of all the students and gave them free consultation as per their observations.


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