Teachers Orientation Programme (CBSE)

The Secondary and the Senior Secondary teachers along with the Principal Capt. Praveen Roy of 'Samsara The World Academy' attended CBSE Teachers Orientation Programme at Meerut Public School, The Main Wing-Meerut, the host school on 7th Jan' 2018. The orientation was headed by Sh. Ranbeer Singh, R.O, CBSE, Dehradun-Region and the Managing Director of MPS Group, Mr Vikramjeet Singh Shastri and the Principals of all the MPS branches.
Sh. Ranbeer Singh the Regional Officer of CBSE spoke about different issues like Evaluation work ,board examination duty ,error free correction work, to go through the examination-by –laws, cashless transactions, making teaching-learning a better process, to make a cordial relationship between the CBSE and its affiliated schools and the role of teacher in students life .He urged all the teachers to take extra care while evaluating the board answer sheets and to be more dedicated towards their duties and responsibilities.
As in depth he talked about the role of a teacher who can only unearth the jewel in a student's life and polish it but no one else. Further he told all the educators who are the parents too to spend quality time with their children and nurture their abilities. He enlightened the teachers with his wise thoughts that do not evaluate them based solely on the grades they receive at school. Human potential is not so limited that it can be measured merely by one's aptitude for rote learning. More important is child rearing of major good means helping the children to acquire the strength to live life on their own. He expected that teachers must make every effort to develop their students in such a way that they are equipped to face the challenges and worries. The mentor always strives hard in making them a good human being. He also shared some heart touching and thought provoking examples, anecdotes and his own life experiences which made the teachers to contemplate and asked them to be conscientious towards the needs of the students. The parents and the teachers must take their responsibilities and lend their hands in shaping the future of their children. He advised the faculty members to keep on motivating the students to do their best. Moreover the mentor should always appreciate and encourage them to achieve their goals. He elucidated upon the importance of honing the abilities, attitudes and aptitudes of the students which in turn would ascertain lifelong learning.
At last he wished good luck to all the teachers to be successful taking along the students onto the successful journey and to become the role model of their students. The orientation was undoubtedly valuable & learning experience for one and all which gave an insight into the process of learning to develop the students into a responsible and good citizen.


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