'Felicitation Ceremony-School Enterprise Challenge'

The School Enterprise Challenge is out of the ordinary kind of a competition. Participating schools are from all over the world. This competition is generally led by students only with a minor help from their teachers. This student-led business aims at creating young entrepreneurs. At an early age students learn the complexities of a business; they learn how to make their business a profit making entity; they learn soft skills; most important they learn to be responsible. Samsara is proud to be a participant of this prestigious competition. Our students have started a kitchen where they cook some healthy and delectable eatables. Their kitchen is quite a hit with the students of the school. Their start-up is known to everyone as 'Healthy Bites'. Now it was the time to felicitate our young entrepreneurs. The ceremony was held on Friday 6 November, 2015 in the school assembly. All the participants of the challenging competition received recognisation with designations according to the responsibilities they took over during the cook. Following is the detailed list of the awardees with their awarded designation :

S.no Designation Name of Student
1. Assistant to Team Leader Ishita Rawat
2. Master Chef Naved Aryan Nagar Mohit Kumar
3. Assistant Chef Harsh Poswal Ansh Goyal Shivani Dagar
4. Marketing Anshika Varshney Vridhi Pandey
5. Financial Planning Dhruv Sharma
6. Cafeteria Manager Asmita Rawat
7. Decoration & Display Vanshika Bhati
8. Advertising Yasim Ali
9. Accounts Khushi Nagar
10. Social Media Neeti Bharadwaj
11. Backup Team Vijeta Nagar Sneha Rao

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