Sanskar, Sanskriti and Dhyan Session at Samsara
Samsara The World Academy believes that the aim of imparting education is to prepare our students who are academically proficient, culturally nourished, socially responsible and globally aware. 

To imbibe in our students life skills and moral values a renowned scholar and eminent speaker,  Shri Jeetendra Vishwakarma from International Society for Krishna Consciousness, famously known as ISKCON or Hare Krishnas, from Greater Noida, was invited to conduct a meditation session for our students of class V to VIII on 5th February, 2019. 

The reverend speaker holds B. Tech. in Electronics and Communication From RGTU University and is  Co-founder of  NX-Aeon “Reshape the world with excellence”. He has an enriching experience of working with HCL Technologies for 3 years as Project Manager. which includes 1 year of experience with HCL Great Britain, London. 

He said , " Anger is like a burning coal. It not only harms the person who displays anger but also the other person who is the recipient of anger. "  It burns the person who holds it.  So one should not hold grudges or any of the following six enemies of human life :
1.  Lust
2. Anger
3. Greed 
4. Envy 
5. Illusion and
6. Pride .

The students attended meditation and chanted the devine mantra. They were also shown a short animated movie on Krishna. The most interesting part of the event was the quiz competition based on the life of Krishna, Vedas, indian culture and social values on pattern of KBC. The Students and teachers enthusiastically participated in the game.

It was very interactive and interesting session where the youth counselor and the award winning writer of several technology papers and Blogs narrated beautiful stories enabling our students to acquire the values in more child like way with out preaching them. The magic definitely worked.



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