'Write Up- Pratibha-2019(Grade I, II and III)'

No education is complete without 'arts' and 'creativity' playing a central role in a child's life'
This week, Samsara- The World Academy witnessed the celebrations of its Annual Exhibition Pratibha-2019 based on the theme 'Panchatantra Tales' The celebration started on 3rd May with performances of Grade 3 followed by Grade II and I on 7th May and 9th May respectively. The wonderful presentations showcasing Panchtantra tales and dances created a visual treat for the audience as it displayed innocence and joyfulness of childhood. The different story enactments highlighting the moral values and lessons of honesty, friendship, Save trees, Never trust anyone blindly.. left the audiences mesmerised.
The Parents were delighted to see young artists perform so confidently and appreciated efforts of the school in bringing out creativity of each child. Principal Captain Praveen Roy appreciated and applauded the little ones and thanked the Parents for their support and cooperation.


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