'Thursday Activity- Fun with Maths'
Samsara The World Academy organised a Fun with Maths Activity  on Thursday, 11 October, 2018, for the students of classes  Nursery to II.

Nursery and KG students were asked to observe and  to identify the different types of shapes. The activity was focused on five basic geometrical shapes. This helped them to know the names of the shapes, their unique characteristics and other features like no.of sides, length and breadth etc. 

Class 1 students performed activities related with ascending and descending order. It enabled them to  use numbers and arrange them in ascending and descending orders both sequentially from top to bottom and vice- versa.

The students of Class 2 actively participated in class discussions about Measurement and Fraction.
They accurately measured the given strips and correctly calculated the length. They demonstrated a clear understanding of the importance of standard measurement.

During  fraction activity kids were taught to identify the number of shaded parts and the number of equals parts in a given shape like circle and rectangle.

They could identify  the given fraction by comparing the number of shaded parts to the number of equal parts.

These activities were helpful for the students in enhancing various mathematical concepts.



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