'Intra Class Activity 'Sudoku' for III to V'

Samsara The World Academy conducted  'Sudoku ' in  Intra-class Activity in Maths on Friday, 10 May, 2019  for the students of classes III to V.

Its a mind game and the objective is to fill a  6X6 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the blocks  contains the digits from 1 to 6. 

The students  worked  together in a group   and applied their mathematical skills and logic with number and filled the Grids in Sudoku.

The winners were declared Class wise based on the correctness and promptness of their placing of numbers.

The winners from class III A were : 
Anant Bhati, Vivek Janmed, Navya Shishodia, Shreya Parashar, Dhruv Agarwal, Nandessa Lamba, Aditiya Tewatiya

The winners from III B were: 
Om Singh, Samridhhi Pandey, Falguni Singh, Anukriti Singh, Mahi Bhati

The winners from class III C were : 
Devansh Garg, Lavi Kasana, Ayush Sharma, Darshit Palawat, Sankalp Rakesh Gupta

The winners from Class IVA were: 
Dev Bhati, Vihan Rehman, Janvi Adhana, Bhavya Ghoshrave, Riya Mishra, Krishan Singh

The winners of class VA were: 
Akanksha Singh, Arpita Sahani, Bhumi Bhati, Ekta Sharma, Tanish Bhati

The winners of class VB were: 
Harshit Bana, Omar Khan, Preet Yadav, Rehan konain, Shivam Rawal

The students took great interest and were excited to test their abilities with numbers and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


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