'IH Activity - Essay Writing for class IXth and XIth'

An Essay Writing Competition was conducted during IH Activity on Friday, 10 May, 2018 for the students of class IXth and XIth on the topic 'Value of Discipline'.
The students participated in the activity and poured down their views about the importance of discipline in student's life.
They expressed that discipline is important in every walk of life be it school, home, office or any other public place.
They stated that the disciplined person always accomplishes the given assignments on time and with great efficiency. They, thus, receive the appreciation for their work ethics and are always respected by their teachers, peer groups and colleagues at large. They climb the ladder of success with great ease and are known for their balanced personality.
One child Aman Sharma of class IX A, even quoted that the great example of discipline could be seen in army personnel where they have all the power and arms at their disposal but they never misuse this power as they are well trained and disciplined. Hence, discipline inculcates just and fair behaviour of human being.


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