'Samsarians - Out for the Social Cause'

Social service is a part of CBSE curriculum. The staff and the students of class XI from Samsara -The World Academy, volunteered and did service by removing the non- biodegradable material from the green belt area surrounding their school on Tuesday, 15 May, 2018.
The Samsarians collected the non- biodegradable material such as poly bags, thermocol, tins etc and disposed them off properly. This was the one hour long activity. The students took keen interest and volunteered in Social cause .
The Principal Captain Praveen Roy stretched her helping hand and was a source of motivation for the children. PTI teachers Ms Jyoti Kulshrestha and Mr Pradeep Kumar also participated enthusiastically and made students aware of the different types of the epidemics and diseases that break due to unclean surroundings.


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