'British Council Workshop- Introduction to Core Skills'

A teacher is successful if she/he can touch the life of students in many a ways.
In order to become a truly great facilitator, one has to go beyond textbooks and attend workshops and the "on-going" educational courses because a teacher herself is always a learner first.
Keeping this in mind, Samsara always encourages their facilitators to continue their learning and offer and create opportunities to enlighten and upgrade the faculties of the students they are dealing with.
Ms. Vandana V. Kaushish and Ms. Divanshi Mehta the two staff members attended a workshop on "Introduction to Core Skills" conducted by British Council on 16 February,2016 at Pullman Hotel, Aerocity, New Delhi.
The workshop was indeed comprehensive in nature and content. The highlights were the adoption of core skills like Critical thinking, Problem solving, Creativity and Imagination building collaborating it with digital literacy. These parameters will surely assist the teacher to guide and enable the Samsarians to be more proactive in classroom learning and think with an analytical mind. Applying these skills in the classroom a teacher can make her students a deep learner than a surface learner. It will enhance the ability of the teaching faculty.


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