Special Assembly on Mahabharat

The students of class VIIIth presented a beautiful assembly based on the ancient epic Mahabharat written by Ved Vyasa in 350 BC. The assembly began with the chanting of shlokas from Bhagwat Gita.
They told about the important life lessons that one can learn from the stories of Mahabharat and their relevance in today's time. They also enacted the story of Ekalavya , who is known for his supreme sacrifice made in honour of his mentor Guru Dronacharya. The costume, props and dialogue were well appreciated by the audience.
Since, rainy season is upon us, they wisely choose to educate everyone about the causes and cure of Dengue. The highlight was the quiz conducted by the anchor on dengue based on the information provided during the assembly. The audience enthusiastically participated in the quiz which enhanced their understanding.
Our Principal Captain Praveen Roy congratulated the students and the class teachers for such an informative, educative and engaging assembly.


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