' Workshop on Healthy Eating'

Schools are important places for protecting and promoting health because they reach the majority of children. Students are in a very impressionable stage. Thereby have the ability to change themselves and their families and society as well. Keeping this in view, Samsara organized a workshop on 20th August 2016 for teacher to empower them to take charge of their decisions about eating, physical activities health and self care.
Delving far beyond the obvious advice of "Eat less and exercise more", "Am I hungry?" The program focused on changing beliefs, thoughts and attitude first, thus the changes in behaviors will last.
The highlighting factors was "What we eat is important but how, where and when is more important".
This kind of enlightenment becomes a key determinant in reaching the young minds to nurture a bigger change. It will surely provide a significant contribution to people understands of health risks and how to avoid them due to faculty eating habits.


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