'Culture Week'

A Memorable Sojourn
After years of relentless toil and hard work, Samsara The World Academy won the International School Award in the year 2012. Under the aegis of British Council, Connecting Classroom Programme, two teachers Ms. Jane Sherlock and Ms. Nicola Haley from Rockferry Primary School, Wirral, UK have visited on a weeklong trip, to Samsara The World Academy, Greater Noida. The main purpose of the visit was to observe the cultural and traditional values and the educational and teaching practices followed there. Capt. Praveen Roy, Principal of Samsara The World Academy along with the entire Samsara family gave the two teachers a warm welcome. They were then briefed about Samsara, its heritage, visions, policies and the educational practices followed in India. They were also introduced to the different teachers and were a part of the classroom teaching across different sections. Ms Nicola and Jane had a very close interaction with the students at Samsara about education and life in the U.K. India is a beautiful country and is known for its diverse religions, cultures, traditions and its historical monuments. They got to catch a glimpse of a few of them like the Taj Mahal, The Red Fort, India Gate, Akshardham temple, Jama Masjid etc. They also savoured the food of different parts of India like dhokla, appe, kadi chawal, gate ki sabji, kheer, idli sambar etc. Samsara The World Academy is a part of Meerut Public School Group, Meerut and the two teachers were taken for a trip to Meerut where they were shown the different schools under the group. These seven days starting from 18 th February, 2015 to 25 th February, 2015 were the most memorable ones for the entire Samsara fraternity. It was a wonderful week for the teachers as they learnt a lot through exchange of cultures, traditions and teaching practices. Principal of Samsara The World Academy, Capt. Praveen Roy along with Ms. Neelu Srivastava, ISA Coordinator of the school visited Rock Ferry Primary School, Wirral, UK for a week between 9 th November, 2014 to 16 th November, 2014. This is just the starting and there would be more such sojourns for Samsara in the years to come with many different countries.


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