"IH Activity- Science Puzzle"

On Friday, 20 July, 2018, The Primary Wing Students of class III to V participated in Science Activity.
Students worked in a group as per their houses. Each group were given worksheet which included Crossword puzzles, Word grid, arrange the words in given column etc. on the various themes:

  • Class III- Eating habits of animals
  • Class IV- Food and Health
  • Class V- Food and Nutrition

Their team spirit and co-ordination with peers, was worth appreciating. The classroom buzzed with excitement as they were eager to make their houses win. It was fun and thrilling both for these little enthusiasts.
Ms Nusrat Fatima, HOD , Science Department and her able team of teachers, Ms Ruchi Singh and Ms Pinky Yadav declared the winner :

  • Class III : Shakespeare House
  • Class IV : Tagore House
  • Class V : Beethoven House

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