"Inter-House Activity- Science Quiz"
IH Activity - Science Quiz

On Friday, 20 July, 2018, an Inter House Science Quiz was conducted for the Students of class VI to VIII.
Each house comprised of four participants. The quiz was divided into five interesting rounds.

  • Round 1

    Each team had to answer two questions.
    First they had to name the discovery made by given scientist and second they had to name the scientist who made the said discovery/ invention.

  • Round 2

    Students were asked to identify the famous scientist and famous discovery.

  • Round 3

    It was a buzzer round where they had to identify the Indian Scientist and mention one of their discoveries.

  • Round 4

    was an MCQ round.

  • Round 5

    was the most challenging one where they had to spell the correct names of the scientist or the mentioned discoveries, which were jumbled up. Although, they were given a hint regarding the same.

This informative quiz was organised by Ms Pramila Panda Facilitators, Science Department with the able guidance of Ms Nusrat Fatima, HOD Science Department.
At the end, Ms Nusrat Fatima announced the winners and congratulated the winning team and the participants for their sincere efforts.
The Principal, Captain Praveen Roy, applauded the faculty members for preparing students for the competition and making the event so informative and fruitful.
Shining bright in Sunshine Yellow, Tagoreans won the competition Shakespeare and Beethoven House then followed.


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