"Say no to Plastic"

Samsara is a green school. To encourage the awareness programme of banning plastic, a special assembly is organised in Samsara The World Academy on 19th July 2018. Whole school has taken a pledge to ban the use of plastic and adopt recovery mechanisms to convert waste into usable resources. SAY NO TO PLASTIC Few students from class XI have taken the privilege to educate our maintenance staff about the demerits of using plastics and and advantages of using eco-friendly sources

  • carrying cloth and jute bag.
  • using eco friendly containers
  • packing goods in brown paper instead of bubble wrap.
  • recycling the available plastics.
They have also mentioned that these are the simple methods by which people can cut down on the usage of plastics and save our mother earth. The aim of the programme was :
  • Be the avengers
  • Save the world
  • Not by fighting
  • But by avoiding
  • The plastic....

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