ISA Activities (Group Discussion)

Samasra –The World Academy has organised a group discussion on the topic “Solutions to the Local Problems of India and U.K” on 26th Sep2014. Samara –The World Academy is registered with Connecting Classroom Program with a school----------- in Runcorn near Liverpool, UK, under the aegis of British Council.

The students of class III to VIII surveyed their local community using a questionnaire which was prepared by the students.
Many issues were discussed in the Group Discussion like the problem of Sex-Ratio in India, unemployment, health issue etc. The conclusions drawn were-

(1) The major reason of preferring boy child to girl child is dowry system. As a solution to this problem students of Samsara pledged not to take dowry in their marriages.
(2) “In India rich become richer and poor become poorer, who will bridge the gap?”- Issue/ problem discussed.

Amazing solution came from the students of both UK and India (Samsara – The World Academy). Most of the Indians are working in primary sectors because they are not so educated and skilled. So if these people will be given proper education and training then they can find jobs for themselves in other sectors also.  So students were motivated to start their own program “Each one Teach one”.

This interaction and exchange of questionnaire of UK and Indian students will help them to be a Global citizen and be sensitive towards society.


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