'ANNUAL DAY 2017-18'

Samsara the world Academy organised its annual day on Saturday, 18th November 2017. The theme of the function was "Parivartan- ek yatra", which took the spectators on the mesmerising journey of the four yugas of the hindu mythology, namely Satyug, Treta yug, Dwapar yug and kalyug. Every yuga was depicted through dance and drama performances and the narration of the main occurances of that time period.
The function started with welcoming of guests and lighting of lamp seeking the blessings through saraswati vandana. It was followed by the annual report and the mesmerising performance of the school choir enlivened with the dance and drama of Parivatan-Ek yatra The story of Hrinyakashapu and Prahlad was depicted in satyug whereas the devotion of Shri Ram towards his parents was portrayed in the treta yug. In the Dwapar yug students showcased the events especially the preaching of Shri Krishna to Arjun during the Mahabhartha epic. Then came Kaliyug where both the positive and negative aspects were depicted like acid attacks, cruelity towards animals, terrorism etc. along with this, the students portrayed the famous personality like Mahatma Gandhi, Menaka Gandhi, Malala and Nelson Mandela who taught us to follow the right path.
The CHIEF Guest of the function Addl SP. UP STF Prof. Dr. Triveni Singh(cyber crime) enlightened the gathering about various aspects of cyber crime and made it a point to use the occasion to create awareness regarding the same in order to keep students and parents safe from falling prey to cyber criminals. Addressing the students he said, "Parents must keep track of their students mobile and internet usage to keep them safe from cyber crime. Students must also make it a point to not befriend unknown people over the interne."
Jeremy B Williams, and Rebecca,Chief Inspirational Officer of Green School for Girls Education World Foundation India was the Guest of honor.
The evening also witnessed presence of Kusum Shashtri, Vice-Chairman of MPS Group and MD Vikramjeet Singh Shashtri. School Principal Capt. Praveen Roy thanked the guests, students and parents to this evening of glorious celebrations .​


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