‘Vipassana- A Way to Spirituality’
Vipassana- A workshop organized by Samsara-The World Academy for parents, students and teachers proved unalterable to add on quality and value in our lives. Resource persons Ms. Charu Gupta and Ms. Rajkiran brought into notice the various stages of deranged mind and the factors responsible for it. Ms. Rajkiran guided and introduced us to Vipassana and its meaning. She further added how a 10 days course can enrich us spiritually and mentally. A breathing exercise helped the audience to learn how to concentrate and focus on a specific goal. She indoctrinated the place of spirituality and peace in our life and how they are diminishing and subsequently vanishing from our planet. Today’s child is torn apart between two worlds. The whole world is a store house of distractive objects. As per Ms. Rajkiran Vipassana is the divine eye which can endow our children with spiritually and divine vision.
Swami Vivekanand has rightly said, “ The only method of knowledge is concentration on the physical, mental and spiritual planes and concentrating the powers of the mind to discover one in many, is called knowledge”.


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