Fire Drills - Ensuring Safe Evacuation Plan
Fire Drills - Ensuring Safe Evacuation Plan

Samsara The World Academy has always taken extra care to promote safe school environment to its students, given the fact that children are expected to spend majority of their time at school. With an aim to ensure their safety and well being and to enable everyone in the school to carry out evacuation plan successfully during an emergency, a Fire Drill was conducted in our school on Friday, 18 July, 2019.

The aim was to establish a clear, step-by-step evacuation plan that explains exactly what everyone should do in the event of a fire. 

Our Principal, Captain Praveen Roy and Group Captain Anil Pandey, advised everyone present in school to take part in regular fire drills, as it helps them to fully grasp the building’s escape routes and practice remaining calm and organised during a fire.

In particular, fire drills help young students to get accustomed to the process and recognise that they need to take fire safety measures seriously.  This helps to reduce confusion, panic, and any disorderly behaviour during such incidents.

As  all responsible school staff have a duty to help students evacuate the school during a fire, so it’s vital for them to know what steps to take. It also helped familiarize teachers and other responsible people with their role during an emergency. 
The regular practice will ensure everyone’s safety when it really counts.  

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