"Thursday Activity- Clay Moulding"

Samsara The World Academy organised a Sinking and Floating Activity on Thursday, 23rd August, 2018, for the students of Classes MB to II.
In this activity, the students were encouraged to observe and to determine whether the given object sinks or floats in water. They were explained that an object sinks or floats in a liquid mainly due to two factors: density and buoyancy.
Practicing the methods of learning by doing, the teachers guided them to identify that the same object type will sink or float every time, i.e. there is consistency in the way the objects behave.
This helped the students devise their own ideas about physical properties and how they can be used to describe and categorize objects.
It helped them in Sorting substances based on their physical properties such as weight, hardness, types of materials used etc.
The students enjoyed performing the activity which was aimed to enhance their reasoning and logical thinking.


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