' Department Meeting in Samsara : (Hindi and Social Study) '
Samsara the world school conducted a department meeting in a border way inviting many renowned schools of Gr.Noida.The two subjects Hindi and Social Science were chosen as they have been observed to be the bane of majority of students-irrespective of their social/-economic,cultural background of the  school.This meet brought together the teachers from matriculation schools of G.B.Nagar. Its objective was to highlight the changes in the present evaluation system in CBSE schools for classes 6 to 10 and discuss the ways to execute the changes and make it responsive to the need of challenging times. More than 10 schools from G.B.Nagar were represented by more than  50 teachers. The meeting gathered their input suggestions on various topics such as curriculum, teaching methodology, development of soft skills, subject enrichment activity, parameters of assessing the notebooks, syllabus covered in 1st and periodic terms
. Group discussion centered on the main areas of curriculum evaluation system and teaching methodology.

The meeting was informative and was greatly appreciated by the
participants. The participants wished to have such meetings in the near future too where they can share their ideas and plan uniformly.



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