‘ISA Activity: Visit to Apna School by Social Club students’

On 20th August, 2015, Social Club members visited Apna School. A group of students(Class IX-XI) and teachers of Samsara-The World Academy went to the underprivileged children at Apna School in Aichcher-Greater Noida, as part of the Social Club and ISA Activity under the project-"Education for Economically Disadvantaged Children". First of all the students of Samsara played Nukkad Natak in front of them. Through this play, they conveyed their parents that how dangerous chewing of tobacco can be as it causes cancer and destroys families. The children were taught counting, alphabets, sounds and rhymes. The students and teachers talked about the social and family values and its importance. They were also told about the importance of education in life. Stationary, clothes and some eatables were distributed among the children.
In the end, the children of Apna School sang the National Anthem for the students and teachers of Samsara.
As per the group of students who visited Apna School, it was once in a life time experience for all of them and they all expressed their interest in continuing to visit such places and will make efforts to teach the underprivileged. All the students felt very happy and contended after the visit.


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