Inter House Activity - Rangoli Competition

On Friday, 26 October, 2018, the students of Classes IX and XI participated in Rangoli competition based on Mathematical concepts.
The groups were allotted a space of size- 4 x 4 feet at Main reception area and school corridors.
They were allowed to use materials like old CDs , powder, dust, flowers, wooden crumbles, ice cream sticks, leaves, rugs and threads etc.
The winners were chosen in both Inter house and Inter class category.
The final winners were selected by the judges based on their theme, creativity, neatness and overall presentation.
Following is the list of House-wise winners:
Position 1: Aristotle House
Sanju Bhati(XIC), Sadhana Singh (IXA), Deepanshi Singh (XIB), Priyanshi Bhati (IXA)
Position 2: Tagore House
Shaireen M. Khan (IXA), Abhishek Singh (IXB), Komal (XIC), Teena Rawal (XIC)
Position 3: Beethoven House
Kajal Yadav (XIA), Utkarsh Singh (XIB), Kanak Sharma (IXA), Kajal singh(IXB)
Following is the list of Class-wise winners :
Poistion 1:Group-7 -(Class XIA) -Harsh Chaudhary, Prashant Rawal, Harsh Bhati.
Position 2: Group 13- (Class XIC)- Himanshu Mavi, Varun Chawda, Jaskaran Singh, Jyoti Rani, Komal Bhati, Jeet Bhati
Position 3: Group 16- (Class XI A)- Ekta Nagar, Neha Chaudhary, Tanishka Jain, Nandini Aggarwal


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