'Stress Buster -Movie Show'

Board exams and their stress at times is too much for the students who are going to face it for the first time in 2019.
Samsara The World Academy shoulders the responsibility of taking off the burden from its students and make them relieved from stress, and anxiety.
What could be a better way to be stress free? Listening to chartbuster music, enjoying and swaying to the beats of catchy songs, sharing laughter with friends and munching on popcorn.
The students of class X A and XB were taken to INOX ( MSX Mall, Greater Noida) for a movie show on Saturday, 24 November, 2018, along with their teachers Ms. Renu Wadhwa, Ms. Hemlata Singh, Ms. Nusrat Faima and Mr. Yogesh Sharma.
It is a prime responsibility of the teachers and parents to teach children how to handle stress in life, by teaching them that exams are just a check point in the journey of life and this journey should be comfortable and memorable.


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