"Inter-House Activity ( III to XI)"

Friday Inter House Activity
Class III - V
Young Samsarians from Primary Wing of classes III to V enthusiastically participated in Inter House Activity held on 27 July, 2018. They spoke few lines on the famous scientists and made themselves familiar with the scientists and their contribution to the world.

Class VI to VIII
Students of classes VI to VIII were all geared up and charged while they participated in Inter House Activity on 27 July, 2018. The avid learners solved many riddles and puzzles using the keywords. Most exciting part was to go through the Mind Mapping session and explore the given topic.

Class XI
Samsara-The World Academy organised an Inter House Activity on the topic Female Infanticide. The speaker gave an in-depth speech on the topic and presented the audience with the crux of the scenario prevailing in the society.
The participants presented their talk on the topic. It was unanimously agreed that the society needs to change their mindset and evolve in their thinking. The family has a great responsibility to build an environment that encourages healthy upbringing of the girl child. They must provide equal opportunities to the girls and shower them with the dignified life which they deserve.
The society can only flourish when every individual is respected and valued.


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