'Student Council Elections at Samsara'

The nation is voting for its 70th Constitutional Assembly and the students of Samsara The World Academy exercised their voting rights on 27.4 19, in selecting their Student Council members through a fair and just electoral procedure.
School elections are an opportunity given to the students to assess their true leadership skills, team coordination and take initiative for future course of action.

The entire week buzzed with the nominated candidates going around the classes Campaigning with their electoral symbols, promoting their views to the voters, persuading them to vote in their favour and the whole process of election have been done according to Samsara's constitutional provisions. 

The result was declared on Monday, 29.4.19 and the worthy elected members are as follows : 

The elected Student Council -
*School Captain - Shivani Bhati (XI B)
*School Vice Captain - Priyanshu Chaudhary(IX- B)
*Cultural Secretary - Nishita (XI C)
*Vice Cultural Secretary - Sakshi Kasana (IX- A)
*Sports Captain -Aryan Chaudhary (XI A)
*Vice Sports Captain - Mayank Singh(IX- A)

All four House Captains and Vice Captains have also been elected. 
Aristotle House 
Captain -  Pragya Sharma ( XI B)
Vice Captain - Prithvi Raj Chauhan (IX- A)
Beethoven House
Captain - Kanika Bhati (XI C)
Vice Captain - Dhruv Pandey ( IX- A)
Shakespeare House
Captain - Saksham Goyal ( XI B
Vice Captain- Arti ( IX- B)
Tagore House
Captain -  Shivanki Singh ( XI B)
Vice Captain - Uday Bhati (IX- A)

The beauty and success of this election was its enthusiastic voters.
We wish all the very best to these elected Student representatives and entrust hat they will perform their duties with best of their abilities and shoulder the responsibilities bestowed upon them with utmost sincerity and honesty. 


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