"THE SHOWCASE": Summer Camp Finale -2018

" The Showcase " , an exhibition of talent by the participants of Summer Camp held at Samsara - The World Academy, Greater Noida between May 16, 2018 to May 31, 2018, was successfully organised on Thursday, 31 May, 2018.
The students showcased their skills which they have learned and acquired during these three weeks.
The students impressed the audience by performing Science experiments based on various phenomena. The parents were delighted to watch the display of Best Out of Waste creation, Fun with Maths activities and Art and Craft presentation.
The singers enchanted the audience with their melodious Hindustani Vocal singing based on Raga Puriya Dhanashri and Instrumental music players stole the show.
French Language participant showed her competence and confidence while reciting French songs and counting names of numbers and months.
The young brigades of Public Speaking surprised the audience by uttering various tongue twisters with so much comfort and ease. They also presented a theme based skit on "Preservation of environment".
Shining star of the showcase was a four year old little girl Tanvi Chaudhary who stole the heart of the audience with her innocence and charm by doing asanas and Suryanamaskar. Different stunts and actions of Karate were also showcased before the gathering.
These three weeks had been very productive, exciting and creative. The event concluded with the Bollywood dance presentation by the participants.
The parents were also invited to share their feedback which of course was icing on the cake reading their encouraging remarks.They were delighted to see their children glowing with confidence and grace. They called it a purposeful and fruitful learning.
The Principal Captain Praveen Roy and Group Captain Mr Anil Pandey did the honours and gave away the Certificates of Participation . They congratulated the children for better learning and future endeavours.


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