Session (2016-17)


2nd April

HWPL Advocacy Committee Meet

7th April

World Health Day Celebration

7th April

Thursday (ISA) Activity- Folk Tales

12th April

Workshop on Environment Conservation

21st  April

Pre-Primary Activity-Puppet Making

23rd April

IH-Activity: SUDOKU


4th May

Pre Primary Activity: Fancy Dress

6th May

Annual Exhibition: “Pratibha”

13th May

ISA Activity: Science Quiz

16th May

Beginning of Summer Camp

20th May

Session on Medical Awareness

23rd May

Visit to Apna School

31st May

Showcase of Summer Camp


21st June

International Yoga Day Celebrations


8th July

IH Activity: Walk the Aisle

11th July

Career Counseling workshop

14th July

Thursday Activity: Cooking Without Fire

15th July

IH Competition: Poster Making

21st July

Thursday Activity: Collage Making

22nd July

IH Activity: Debate Competition

23rd July

School Enterprise Challenge: A delicious Treat

28th July

Thursday Activity: Listening skills


4th August

Thursday Activity: English Poem Recitation

6th August

Trip to Science Museum

11th August

Investiture Ceremony

11th August

Thursday Activity: Celebrating Independence Day

12th August

IH Activity: Rakhi Making

15th August

Celebrating Independence And Scholars’ Day

18th August

Thursday Activity: Rakhi Making

20th August

Workshop on Healthy Eating

23rd August

Visit to Kiran Nadar Musuem

24th August

Janamashtmi Celebration by Pre-Primary


1st September

Thursday Activity: Card Making

3rd September

CBSE Workshop: Gratitude

5th September

Teachers Day Celebration

8th September

Thursday Activity: Clay Moulding

9th September

IH Activity: Essay Writing

14th September

Celebrating Hindi Diwas

28th September

IH Kho-Kho Match

28th September

IH Handball Match

30th September

Thursday Activity: Colours Day

30th September

IH Basketball Match


1st October

Telescopic Event in Samsara

5th October

Inter House Football Match

6th October

Thursday Activity: Walk the Talk

13th October

Thursday Activity: Solo Singing Competition

14th October

IH Activity: Diya Decoration

15th October

School Enterprise Challenge: Nutri Pulao

20th October

Thursday Activity: Gift Wrapping

21st October

IH Activity: Thali and Earthern Pot Decoration

26th October

ISA Activity: Debate Competition

27th October

Thursday Activity: Diwali Celebrations

28th October

IH Activity: Rangoli Making


4th November

Halloween Celebrations –Pre Primary

4th November

IH Activity: Listen and Draw

10th November

Thursday Activity: Envelope Making

15th November

Children Day Celebrations

17th November

Thursday activity: Self Introduction


5th December

Workshop on Aggression Management

10th December

Annual Sports Day

14th December

Workshop: My Fruit Funda

16th December

IH Activity: Slogan Writing

24th December

Christmas Celebrations


12th January

Thursday Activity: Float and Sink

26th January

Republic Day Celebrations


1st February

Saraswati Puja

1st February

School Enterprise Challenge-Khichuri On Saraswati Puja

2nd February

Thursday Activity: Speak Up

8th February

Maths Lab Inauguration


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