'CLASS X RESULT 2018-19'
CONGRATULATIONS , PARENTS AND TEACHERS …. THE CELEBRATIONS Striving for Success without hard work is like trying to harvest with no planting. Success is connected with action and successful people keep moving. Waking up so early to go to school…Going to bed so late…It was all worth the Tassel! for these proud achievers. Samsara The World Academy, feels extremely proud to announce the results of Class Xth Board exam in AISSE (2018-19). The Samsarians have come up with the flying colours and climbed the ladder of success with great ease.
S.no Name of student Percentage
1. Kanika Bhati 96%
2. Abhinav Sharma 94.8%
3. Vaibhav Raj Pandey 94.6%


S.no Name of Student Subject Marks
1. Kanika Bhati Information Technology 100
Abhinav Sharma Information Technology 100
Vaibhav Raj Pandey Information Technology 100
Shivani Bhati Information Technology 100
Simran Chandela Information Technology 100
Nisha Tyagi Information Technology 100
Chavi Jadaun Information Technology 100
2 Abhinav Sharma Mathematics 99
3 Simran Chandela Social Science 99
4 Kanika Bhati Hindi 97
Kalpana Kasana Hindi 97
5. Vabhav Raj Pandey English 96
6 Vabhav Raj Pandey Science 93

Total students appeared                                                         - 38
Total passed                                                                            - 38
Pass percentage                                                                    - 100
Total No. of students who scored (90% and  above)               - 10
Total No. of students who scored in between (80 to 89)%      - 10
Total No. of students who scored in between ( 70 to 79)%    - 08
Total No. of students who scored in between ( 60 to 69)%      - 07

To accomplish great things you must dream as well as act. The Principal Captain Praveen Roy congratulated the scholars for their great achievements and wishes them great success in future always.   The Management congratulated the faculties for their endless efforts that has bloomed into this wonderful Academic Result !! CONGRATULATIONS !                     CONGRATULATIONS!          CONGRATULATIONS!

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