CBSE Workshop on 'Happy Teacher Creates Happy Classrooms'
‘An effective teacher
manages a classroom
An ineffective teacher
disciplines a classroom’
-Harry Wonq

Our facilitator Ms. Sagarika Chakraborty, attended a CBSE workshop on  'Happy Teacher Creates  Happy Classrooms' organised by COE,NOIDA  on 26th July 2021. The resource person was Dr. Sharbari Banerjee
She specially advised the  educators to create a happy classroom through their own happiness.  According to the speaker, a happy child has good social and emotional skills and is abreast with positivity. A happy classroom can only be  created by a happy teacher because our aim is to give them holistic education and inscribe in their minds that success is more than grades and test scores.

The resource person also  explained few important tools in creating a happy classroom which are as follows.
# Understanding emotional intelligence.
#Defining behaviour and misbehaviour, reasons for misbehaviour
# Teacher's tool kit for emotional intelligence regulation.
She also explained  few attributes of a good teachers like -
#clarity and balance
#Acceptance of responsibility.

She emphasised that in a happy classroom students feel safe, happy, confident and successful which is only possible when the teacher is happy.

It was really an effective, informative
 and a great learning session  which will help the educators to create a positive and happy classroom .

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