Workshop - Feedback

"Feedback: A Powerful Tool"
'Feedback, like rain should be gentle enough to nourish a man's growth without destroying his roots'.
Keeping this thought in mind Samsara The World Academy organised a workshop for its staff on the topic "Feedback' on Saturday,10th Aug, 2019 conducted by schools's Social Media Co-ordinator Ms.Rekha Anand.
The main objective of the workshop was to enlighten the teachers by giving them the inputs on Feedback which can improve the situation or the students performance. She emancipated the meaning of Feedback, its types and how the teachers can give feedback to students during the learning process which could improve the students outcomes.
It has also been observed that now a days the tolerance level of children is decreasing day by day resulting in severe actions taken by them unknowingly which must be stopped at any cost.So she emphasised on the role of positive Feedback which can encourage students to learn efficiently and effectively. The workshop was a fruitful session for the teachers as it enhanced their knowledge and gave a wider prospective and a clear vision on positive feedback and approaches in helping the teachers to acknowledge students' performance & excellence.


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