Workshop on 'Storytelling'

Our Facilitators Ms. Sharmishtha Chakraborty, Ms.Vandana V Kaushish and Ms.Shipra Garg attended a workshop on 'Storytelling' organised by MPS Group of Schools, Meerut.
Story Telling, an ancient art was beautifully unfolded by our resource person Ms. Aparna Beecham on 16th January, 2021 through an extremely engrossing workshop. Ms. Aparna is a Soft Skills and Communication Consultant having a vast experience in this field.
She emphasised that this art helps in holistic development of a child. Number of effective tips and techniques were taught during the workshop. She also shared innovative ideas to make different types of props using hand, finger, pencil and spoon puppets etc and motivated the teachers to use more props in their classroom to make the teaching- learning process more fascinating.
She also displayed the drawings, music, voice modulation and digital media which can make our story session more interesting.
It was an opportunity to interact and exchange ideas which was utilised at its best.
The experience was wonderful and magnifying amidst the presence of our honourable Advisor, Ms. Richa Sharma and the Principals of MPS Group.


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