Workshop on Energy Conservation

Ms. Deepika Sharma, a Science Facilitator of Samsara The World Academy attended a workshop on "Energy Conservation" at DPS ,Greater Noida on 17th October 2017 organised by UPNEDA.
The objective of the workshop was to discuss various methods to create and conserve energy. A wide range of issues pertaining to different types of energy was discussed, with special attention to individual efforts to save energy. The Resource Person Mr.P.P Singh provided the teachers with a bank of information regarding effective management and protection of energy and urged the teachers to join the campaign of every conservation.
The teachers of Samsara are already conscious and play an active role in saving the energy through various means and modes like minimising the use of lights and fans, switching off the computers when not in use, composting to utilize the biodegradable waste, carpooling by the teachers and always motivate our students to use bicycle for short distance.


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