Workshop on "Learning and Intellectual Disability"

An in-house workshop on the topic "Learning and Intellectuals Disability" was conducted in Samsara- The World Academy by Dr.  Kumud Sharma on 28th June 2019. All the staff attended the same.
The workshop threw light on various points relevant to Learning Disabilities and how to identify them . This  includes various learning styles,  behavioural patterns of such learners etc.
She also guided the teachers with the parameters and all the possible ways to look for symptoms of learning disabilities and Intellectual Disabilities in the child.

She advised them to be observant and refer them to school Counsellor and special educator for remedies as soon as they see the signs.

This workshop presented a clear prospective empowering teachers to understand and play a crucial role in the overall development of the child. The early the symptoms are detected , the more helpful it will be for further interventions.



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